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Brad Grady

Brad Grady, Senior Analyst, Northern Sky Research

Software Defined Capabilities, MILSATCOM Capacity and Commercial Opportunity | 23 minutes

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Justin Oliveira

Justin Oliveira, CEO, Analytical Space

Spectral Fingerprints, Laser Communications and the emerging Space Economy | 25 minutes

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2018 Kratos Users Conference Panel


The New HTS Business Model, Importance of Automation and Leveraging Digital Payloads | 40 minutes

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2018 Kratos Users Conference Panel


Future Applications, New Business Models and the Holy Grail of Standardization | 56 minutes

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Marshall Culpepper

Marshall Culpepper, CEO and CTO of Kubos

Open Source, Smallsat Software and Eating Space | 20 minutes

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Katherine Monson

Katherine Monson, Director of Business Development USA at Kongsberg Satellite Services

New Space Collaboration, Creating Standards and Sharing Assets | 24 minutes

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Pat Patterson

Dr. Pat Patterson, Director of Advanced Concepts at Utah State University Space Dynamics Laboratory and Chairman of the Small Sat Conference

Sputnik, Constellations and the Evolution of the Small Sat Industry | 24 minutes

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Blaine Curcio

Blaine Curcio, Founder, Orbital Gateway Consulting

China’s Long March Rocket Family, its Belt and Road Space Initiative and the “Elon Musk” Factor | 32 minutes

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Dan Hart

Dan Hart, President and CEO, Virgin Orbit

Concierge Satellite Services, Resilient Launches and the Cosmic Girl | 22 minutes

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Payam Banazadeh

Payam Banazadeh, Founder and CEO, Capella Space

SAR, Any Hour… Any Where Availability and Grabbing a Beer on the Moon | 25 minutes

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Robert Bell

Robert Bell, Executive Director, World Teleport Association

Satellite Cloud Services, Hop on Board or Get Left Behind? | 27 minutes

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Stanley Kennedy, Jr.

Stanley Kennedy, Jr, President and Co-Founder, Oakman Aerospace

Open Systems Architecture, Henry Ford, and Standards Enabling Growth in New Space | 26 minutes

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Carolyn Belle

Carolyn Belle, Senior Analyst at Northern Sky Research (NSR)

Satellite refueling, life extension and the future of Small Sats | 22 minutes

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Dr. Bruce Chesley

Dr. Bruce Chesley, Senior Director, Strategy Space and Missile Systems, a division of Defense, Space and Security at the Boeing Company

Viable Spectrum Ecosystem, Secure Cloud Computing and Managed Network Services | 22 minutes

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Greg Touhill

Greg Touhill, President, Cyxtera Federal Group

Cyber Threats, Zero Trust and the Bane of Security | 24 minutes

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Dr. Shay Har-Noy

Dr. Shay Har-Noy, Vice President and General Manager, Platforms at DigitalGlobe

Big Data, Heavy Data and Location Data is the New Database | 25 minutes

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Jack Waters

Jack Waters, CEO, XipLink

Latency, Link Optimization and the Need for Speed | 21 minutes

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Susan Bull

Susan Bull, Senior Consultant and Partner, COMSYS

The Growth of HTS, Death of WiMAX and the Future of Smart Antennas | 22 minutes

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Tom Stroup

Tom Stroup, President, Satellite Industry Association

Balance, Certainty and Sharing the Spectrum | 23 minutes

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Jim Simpson

Jim Simpson, CEO, ABS

Free to air, Lasers and Predictions about LEO | 20 minutes

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Dave Mihelcic

Dave Mihelcic, Federal CTO, Juniper Networks

Cloud Technology, Machine Intelligence & Bots | 24 minutes

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Matt Desch

Matthew Desch, CEO, Iridium

LEOs, IoT and M2M Communications | 20 minutes

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Martin Coleman, Executive Director of Satellite IRG, Mark Steel, VP of Product Development and Strategy for Inmarsat, and Bob Potter, VP of Signals and Ground System Technology for Kratos

Smallsats, Interference and EPFD Limits | 26 minutes

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David Geen

David Geen, Chief Operating Officer, Isotropic Systems

Dish, Phased Array and Now-Isotropic Antennas | 21 minutes

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Greg Heckler

Greg Heckler, Telecommunications Systems Manager, NASA

Satellite Refueling, Deep Space Assembly Lines and Five Ball Constellations | 21 minutes

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Anthony Baker

Anthony Baker, CEO of Satellite Vu

Constellations, Earth Observation and Open Access to Space | 22 minutes

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Kambiz Aghili

Kambiz Aghili, CEO, Blue Sky Network

Vessels, Vehicles and Aircraft: You can run but you can't hide | 18 minutes

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Michael Abad-Santos

Michael Abad-Santos, Senior Vice President, LeoSat

Satellites, Lasers and Data at the Speed of Light | 19 minutes

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Kay Sears

Kay Sears, Vice President, Strategy & BD, Lockheed Martin

New Space, Old Space and Government Space | 21 minutes

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Doug Loverro

Doug Loverro, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy

Space Situational Awareness, Space Policy and Bernoulli | 25 minutes

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Philip Harlow

Philip Harlow, President and COO, XTAR

X-Band, Clean Frequencies and Satellite Separation in Space | 25 minutes

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Michael Simpson

Dr. Michael K. Simpson, Executive Director, Secure World Foundation

Space Debris, Congestion and the Wall-E Effect | 21 minutes

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Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President, Government Policy, Strategy, and Outreach for Inmarsat

Assured Communications, Resiliency and Paradigm Shifts | 24 minutes

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Kirk Pysher

Kirk Pysher, President, ILS

SmallSat Launches, Ride-sharing and Re-usability | 20 minutes

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Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams, Space Systems Analyst for SpaceWorks

Hypersonics, Torpor and the Valley of Death | 26 minutes

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Chris Pearson

Chris Pearson, Vice President of Space Programs at Roccor

New Space, Advanced Composites and the Boom of Innovation | 20 minutes

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Rick Lober

Rick Lober, VP/GM Defense & Intelligence Systems Division, Hughes Network Systems

UAVs, Disaster Recovery and Future of HTS | 23 minutes

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Andrew Rush

Andrew Rush, President & CEO, Made in Space

3-D Printing in Space, Additive Manufacturing and Space Mining | 20 minutes

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Rob Rainhart

Rob Rainhart, Senior Vice President of Engineering, HawkEye 360

RF Analytics, SmallSats and Dark Ships | 22 minutes

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Cliff Beek

Cliff Beek, CEO & President, Cloud Constellation

Data Centers in Space, LEO Satellites and Cybersecurity | 23 minutes

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Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley, Co-Founder and Partner of Cognitio

Satellites, Cyber Threats and Sun Tzu | 24 minutes

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Skot Butler

Skot Butler, President of Intelsat General

Big Data, HTS and Drone Races | 23 minutes

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