Assure the
availability, reliability
and quality of your
customer communications

With experience spanning 300 missions over 30 years, Kratos is a leading global provider of enterprise-grade ground segment solutions.  Our range of capabilities include delivering turnkey ground stations to RF systems to a complete suite of satellite fleet, RF and network management products to support our customers.

Satellite operators, telecommunications providers, broadcasters, the military and a range of other industries rely on us as their strategic supplier of end-to-end enterprise ground systems solutions. Kratos has over 3,000 installations across the globe for industry leading organizations.

We are the only solutions provider that has such a broad set of integrated, strategic services and products with enterprise grade reliability.

Our solutions touch just about everything across the ground segment. From providing Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) for effective satellite fleet management to ensuring signals from the satellite arrive on the ground with integrity to transporting them reliably through terrestrial networks to assuring they are delivered with quality to the end-user.

Our solutions support our customers in their efforts to assure the reliability, availability, security and quality of their communications.


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75% of the largest satellite operators and 90% of U.S. space missions rely on Kratos

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