Real-time Command and Control for LEO, GEO and Deep Space

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Delivering powerful, effective satellite fleet management and Command and Control

Green check Proven in 300 missions over 30 years

Green check Provides real-time command and control for a single, multiple or a fleet of satellites

Green check Supports LEO, GEO, and Deep Space missions

Green check Compatible with nearly every commercial satellite design

All-in-one satellite fleet management system

Provides command and control, flight dynamics and data management and analysis capabilities. Also includes tools for:

Enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of satellite fleet operations

  • Simplifies operator control for multiple satellites
  • Enables online and offline automation of system functions
  • Provides multi-satellite connectivity
  • Delivers comprehensive monitor and control
  • Perform any function from anywhere on the network
  • Support any satellite command and telemetry format
  • Integrate with 3rd party and custom applications

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“Over the past years, AsiaSat has witnessed the continuous improvement of the EPOCH IPS family of products, which reinforces our confidence in Kratos’ commitment to excellence.”

Fred Ho, Director, Technical Operations of AsiaSat

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EPOCH Client

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EPOCH T&C Server

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EPOCH Database

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EPOCH Triggers

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EPOCH Archive Manager

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EPOCH Task Initiator

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