Delivering High Precision Orbit Analysis

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Providing a powerful spacecraft mission analysis environment for flight dynamics

OASYS® is the high-precision Orbit Analysis System component of the EPOCH IPS™ supporting any earth orbiting satellite from any manufacturer for more than 20 years.

Supports all major orbit functions:

Green check Orbit determination and propagation

Green check Collision analysis and avoidance

Green check Maneuver planning/evaluation

Green check Graphical station keeping (LEO/GEO)

Green check Plotting and reporting

Only software designed for space vehicle fleet operators

  • Supports all satellites with a single integrated package
  • Proven in both mission analysis and on orbit operations
  • Integrated modular design with natural OA operations flow
  • Reduces integration, maintenance and training costs
  • Eliminates compatibility problems with multi-vendor systems
  • Delivers fast, high precision, robust, and reliable orbit determination
  • Manage a single spacecraft or a fleet in any Earth orbit

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“Over the past years, AsiaSat has witnessed the continuous improvement of the EPOCH IPS family of products, which reinforces our confidence in Kratos’ commitment to excellence.”

Fred Ho, Director, Technical Operations of AsiaSat

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