Optimize your
ground infrastructure

Improve flexibility, reliability and reduce costs

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Transport RF spectrum reliably over lossy IP networks

SpectralNet Diagram

Green checkmark Centralize ground system operations

Green checkmark Mitigate rain fade and assure service delivery

Green checkmark Enable new backup and disaster recovery scenarios

Green checkmark Locate antennas in most cost-effective areas

Green checkmark Virtualize ground segment signal processing

Green checkmark Support new services with optimal equipment placement

Transform the ground enterprise with RF over IP transport

Eliminate the distance constraints between antennas and signal processing equipment with SpectralNet. Deploy new ground architectures that: 

  • Lower costs by centralizing operations
  • Assure service delivery by mitigating rain fade
  • Decrease space and equipment costs with antenna site diversity
  • Virtualize the processing portion of ground operations
  • Improve service delivery with enhanced disaster and back-up recovery

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Crossing the RF Over IP Chasm

Crossing the RF Over IP Chasm

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SpectralNet Overview

SpectralNet Overview

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Overcome Interference & Rain Fade

Overcome Interference & Rain Fade

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