Automate Satellite Operations to Increase Efficiencies

The satellite and space industry is evolving at a rapid pace with High Throughput Satellites (HTS) delivering huge amounts of capacity and smallsat mega-constellations providing new advanced capabilities. This is driving the ground segment to meet the capabilities of these new satellites.

The current environment is changing quickly and moving from traditional teleports working with wideband FSS satellites to HTS gateways supporting a huge increase in bandwidth and an exponential growth in services. The critical question is how will the teleport increase efficiencies to support more capacity, more customers, more services, more flexibility, and more dynamic usage, all at a lower cost per service?

Operators and service providers are turning to automation as a way to improve processes and operations in the ground segment. Automation enables the management of traditional applications and infrastructure in a more competitive, agile, and scalable manner.

In the larger terrestrial and wireless telecoms markets, virtualization, cloud infrastructure and SDN (Software Defined Networking) are enabling greater efficiency and more dynamic services. The satellite industry is following their lead and is trying to achieve these same efficiency gains and dynamic service models in their networks. Some of the key areas that will enable these gains include:

  • Virtualizing ground infrastructure including the transition from analog to digital teleport IF and RF processing, thus lowering costs and increasing operational flexibility by taking advantage of cloud based technologies and infrastructure. A key technology in this effort is SpectralNet with its ability to seamlessly transport RF spectrum reliably over lossy IP networks.

  • Expanding the use of software based infrastructure (over hardware based solutions) to improve scalability, while enabling faster and more dynamic services. With this approach operators are able to leverage the power and functionality of the cloud to run satellite ground services virtually.

  • Automating network and RF Management solutions that cost effectively scale from small, simple, single wide beam networks, to some of the world’s largest and most complex satellite networks in operation today. Kratos’ suite of RF and network management products help to cost-effectively scale monitoring operations to manage more gateways, networks, and ground equipment in today’s rapidly changing environment.

  • Optimizing service delivery and operations efficiently through the integration of the entire infrastructure, including rolling up legacy M&C and NMS systems into a single management solution that is connected with the customer’s OSS systems. This will enable the automation of not only the tracking of the health and SLAs of customer services, but also the process of identifying the root cause of alarms and support automated recovery (where required). A key product that enables operators to manage these complexities is NeuralStar SQM which manages the huge increase in services and thousands of supporting devices to track service levels and SLAs.

Webinar: Executive Insights and Lessons Learned Automating the Teleport

Hear from Pedro Molinero of Hispasat, Ian Jones of Goonhilly Earth Station and Stuart Daughtridge of Kratos.

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Our products that help automate satellite operations include:

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Optimize resiliency with control of all devices

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NeuralStar SQM

Track top customer services and SLAs

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Manage large scale hybrid and distributed networks

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Monics Series 200

Complete interference detection for HTS spot beams

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Monics Enterprise Manager

Enterprise level visibility and access control

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Transport RF spectrum reliably over lossy IP networks

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