Cloud-Enabled Satellite Ground Solutions

What if everything for a satellite ground station was available as a cloud service?

Transformative cloud-based solutions from Kratos can reduce the barriers of entry to market for small satellite operators and new start-ups alike. Ground stations traditionally have a suite of support systems for mission data handling that have led to highly specialized equipment and a lack of flexibility for end users. The cloud can be an attractive alternative with immediate availability, ongoing reliability and resiliency built-in.

For operators or providers who want a scalable architecture with greater flexibility, Kratos virtual ground software services will get you to market faster and at a lower cost point. Our virtual solutions are built following standard satellite ground radio requirements, while leveraging new software technology and innovative approaches specifically designed to match the requirements, schedules and budgets of satellite communication programs in orbit.

Leverage the power and functionality of the cloud to run satellite ground services virtually. The benefits are substantial, including:

  • Shorter time to market with no requirements for buildup of new infrastructure
  • Scalable – grow when you are ready without expensive hardware
  • Secure – state of the art cyber-security measures keeping data safe
  • Built-in resiliency, redundancy and ongoing backups

Earth Observation, Remote sensing, Geostationary communications, Space Science and Space Situational Awareness, are among the myriad of commercial services now being offered in both LEO and MEO constellations that can benefit from a cloud-enabled solution. The advantages of integrating satellite cloud services are clear, with a reduction in CAPEX, OPEX, rapid scalability and an infrastructure enabling organizations to drive their mission on-demand.

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