Delivering Ground Station Solutions to Assure Satellite Operations

Once the multi-million dollar satellite is launched ground stations become the critical communication link between the ground and space to assure successful satellite operations.

With today’s technology ground stations are managing more satellite missions and becoming more effective and efficient than ever.

Kratos has a long history of ground station deliveries from green field site builds to turnkey system upgrades. Our turnkey projects have included full builds from the data center to the RF equipment and antennas.

Our ground system solutions are relied upon by satellite manufacturers, satellite operators, telcos, broadcasters and other enterprise customers alike for diverse applications such as: satellite control, telecommunication gateways, multimedia uplinks, VSAT networks and data downlink and carrier monitoring.

Our team manages as much or as little of the overall project scope as desired, enabling your staff to focus on running the day-to-day core business without the major distraction and the risks of managing multiple suppliers for a large scale project.

Ground station solutions from design, installation to full turnkey implementation

Turnkey Ground Stations

Turnkey Ground Stations

Deploy and operate complete ground stations.

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Ground Control Facilities

Ground Control Facilities

Build data Centers, NOCs and Control Centers.

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Ground Station Services

Ground Station Services

Deliver well-engineered earth stations built to last.

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Data Center Services

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Turnkey Ground Station Solutions

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Satellite Fleet Modernization

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Ground System Architecture

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“Kratos' solution allows us to consolidate our satellite operations on a single centralized platform and optimize the efficiency of our satellite operations. These upgrades will ensure that the TELKOM MCS has a state-of-the-art satellite control system as well as the capability to localize various types of satellite interferers that may impact TELKOM’s customers’ carriers.”

Ricky Kusnandar, Satellite Ground Control System Manager for PT TELKOM

75% of the largest satellite operators and 90% of U.S. space missions rely on Kratos

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