Optimize Satellite Operations with Real-Time Command and Control

Satellite control is both a conservative and dynamic function: conservative because it is simply not worth taking chances with billions of dollars in infrastructure simply to achieve incremental benefits, and dynamic because it is the core system that unites all operational elements: people, payload, vehicle, ground equipment and network. The key is to optimize satellite operations with a comprehensive control solution.

Kratos delivers a comprehensive satellite control solution that helps optimize satellite fleet operations. The solution includes a range of offerings from the industry leading Command & Control (C2) product suite, TT&C modems to antennas. The satellite control solution is capable of managing a single satellite, multiple satellites from different manufacturers, or an entire fleet.

Our satellite control solution includes a range of products to optimize operations

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Providing Command and Control for LEO, GEO and Deep Space

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Delivering high precision orbit analysis

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TT&C Modem

Enhance TT&C performance and reduce costs

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“We are pleased to have selected Kratos’ EPOCH IPS for JCSAT-14 to facilitate the integration of our satellite control systems. We are confident that it will enhance the efficiency and flexibility of our satellite fleet operations and Kratos will fulfill our expectations.”

Noriko Masuda, General Manager, Satellite Operations Division of SKY Perfect JSAT

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EPOCH Client

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EPOCH T&C Server

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High Precision Orbit Analysis

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TT&C Modem Overview

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