Protect Your
Satellite Operations
from Threats

Cyber-attacks are increasing at an exponential rate, and satellite communications are becoming a prime target. Kratos addresses all the key areas of satellite systems, including the management of the space and ground segments, Tracking, Telemetry and Command (TT&C) functions, uplink and downlink transmissions and network performance.

To help ensure your organization has a strong security posture, Kratos delivers a satcom cybersecurity assessment. The service evaluates your organization’s security vulnerabilities and determines how well the information and control systems meet relevant regulations, standards and guidance.

The CyberC4® integrated family of products from Kratos helps address security holes by providing real-time situational awareness, insider and external threat protection, system hardening and active defenses for comprehensive protection of your satellite environment.

Finally, Kratos provides regular cybersecurity patching as an option to our product support service.  With this offering your systems are updated with the latest security patches and protections for safer operations.

Our satellite cybersecurity solution includes:

Cyber Assessment

Services to mitigate cyber risk and support compliance

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Assess Cyber Risks and
Support Compliance

Assess Cyber Risks and Ensure Compliance

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Cyber-Threats in Space

Cyber-Threats in Space

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